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The X range of S&S detectors work in combination with the S&S Merlin range of Gas Detection panels and Safety Systems. Semi conductor type sensor for industrial and commercial indoor applications. Compact, modern, digital design makes the units aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

Carbon monoxide has specific gravity of 0.97 and is therefore slightly lighter than air. However for positioning purposes, at the concentrations of carbon monoxide relating to the detector alarm thresholds, the resultant combination of carbon monoxide and air will neither rise or fall. The best position to mount the CO sensor is 1700mm above ground level. For car parks, 1600mm inches above ground level is still recommended. When the sensor head detects carbon monoxide at a level exceeding 50ppm for over 4 minutes the attached system will trigger into the alarm state. This is re-settable by rectifying any gas leak, allowing the sensor head to clear and restarting the Merlin panel.


  • System can be used with a variety of gas detectors


Merlin CO Detector X

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