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Commercial Roof Extractor Fans    

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We supply commercial roof extractor fans and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


Call outs involving an engineer are charged hourly to save you money. Surveys are free.

Commercial Roof Extractor Fans


What are roof extract fans used for? 

Roof extract fans are fitted to a roof upstand on a flat roof where a low level termination is required/possible. They are used for commercial kitchen installs in residential care homes, schools, pubs, where nuisance to neighbours does not apply. We would not recommend this type of roof fan in a busy populated residential area where a commercial kitchen is the setting, unless the commercial premises is at a higher level than the surrounding residential properties. As well as commercial kitchen spaces these types of roof fans can be used to extract or deposit air into all types of commercial / industrial premises. 



What brands manufacture commercial roof extract fans? 
- Elta roof extract fans 


- Roof units roof extract fans 

- Flakt wood roof fans 

- S&P roof fans

- System air roof fans 

& more. 

Some design attributes of Woods HR & VR roof units. 

  • Volume flow rate up to 5 metres cubed a second (m3/s) 

  • Static pressure up to 1180 Pa pascals resistance 

  • AC and EC versions available

  • 50Hz and 60Hz options

  • Operating temperatures up to +70°C (depending on unit)

  • Energy efficient

  • Low noise levels

  • Fan speed control option available

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