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S&P Fan Controller

S&P fan controllers suitable for all of S&P fan types from TCBB range to plate fan range. The REB range of electronic fan speed controllers are suitable for 240V single phase fans. This range of fan speed controllers can be used with any Fan / Motor which is single phase – 240 volts and speed controllable using either 2 or 3 wire control (+earth).

  • REB1 suitable for a one amp fan.

  • REB3 suitable for a three amp fan.

  • REB5 suitable for a give amp fan.

  • REB6 suitable for a six amp fan.

  • REB8 suitable for an eight amp fan.

  • REB10 suitable for a ten amp fan. 

  • REB12 suitable for a 12 amp fan unit— now obsolete and an REB-16 would be supplied as a direct replacement 

  • REB16 suitable for fans up to sixteen amps maximum full load of 16 amps


"S&P is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of ventilation and air movement products and systems for commercial, industrial, residential and OEM applications" 

We install, supply, repair, maintain all S&P ventilation fan products. If you need urgent assistance please call us and we will do all that we can to help you with your requirements. 

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0800 644 6610 

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