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Acoustic Inline Extractor Fan 

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We supply Acoustic Inline Extractor Fan units and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


Call outs involving an engineer are charged hourly to save you money. Surveys are free.

Acoustic Inline Extractor Fans

Acoustic fans are fan units used as extraction or supply air that are usually mounted within an acoustically lined enclosure to lower sound level. The traditional form of sound attenuation with an attenuator each side of the fan unit is still common but an acoustic fan is a more modern way to provide a low sound level solution.

The reason fans need to be attenuated is to comply with local authority guidelines as well as courtesy to neighbouring premises. The best option is to provide a solution that is suitable. Often dB(A) decibel readings and a sound report is requested by local authority when installing a new system. So often we must provide technical data to customers to submit for approval. And in other scenarios the a site may wish to provide a quieter solution and replace an old unit with a more up to date acoustic inline fan unit. 


Various manufacturers make acoustic inline extractor fans - often standard box fans are also very quiet so please check the spec you require because you may be able to install a standard box fan that is not acoustically lined:
- Flakt Woods - epowerbox & estoc 

- System air MUB box fan 

- Gigabox by helios 


All manufacturers make their own version of an acoustically lined extractor fan unit. Please call us with your requirements. We’d be glad to help you. 


What to check when installing an acoustic inline extract fan:
- is there space available to install the size of fan unit that is required

- is there good access in the future for maintenance of the acoustic fan? 

- is the ductwork large enough to provide the desired airflow?

- what is the sound requirements and is this being fitted inside or outside?

- air speed through the duct can also cause sound issues so although a quiet fan will fix some issues, an undersized duct can cause additional velocity and noise levels.

- is there potential to install the fan system as a 90 degree outlet or will it be straight through inline install?  

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