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Elta Ventilation Fans

The Elta ventilation fans range has a wide spread net of ventilation products for all types of arrangements, industries and applications. Catering industry, industrial, high temperature, destratification,  pubs, restaurants etc. We see a lot of SLC axial fans out in the field a typical arrangement is a 500 diameter axial fan mounted within the ductwork system and 2 X sound attenuators each side of the fan unit to minimise the sound level of the Elta ventilation fans within the premises and to dampen noise out to atmosphere. 


Here's an example of a fan data sheet with dimensions of the fan body, the fan causing and blades as well as the direction of airflow. 

"We continue to push the boundaries of air  movement engineering.

Quality, reliability, performance, function and safety are the cardinal features of Elta Fans products. We carry out intensive research and development across our manufacturing sites internationally."


0800 644 6610 

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