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Catering Extractor Fan

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We supply catering extractor fan units and we can deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


Call outs involving an engineer are charged hourly to save you money. Surveys are free.

Catering Extractor Fans

The catering industry can be a fast paced and stressful environment at the best of times - if your commercial catering extractor fan isn't up to scratch then it can be tough. Whatever your requirements we'd be glad to help you - we are catering extractor fan specialists and are on hand to help you and get your issues resolved as quickly as possible.

There are various fan units that are suitable for a catering environment depending on the exact design of your system: motor out of airstream extract fans, acoustic fan units, axial fans, centrifugal fans etc. The system we fit depends on the duct run length, duct size and airflow rate required based on the catering appliances. 

We understand that a ventilation system not working on a commercial kitchen / restaurant space is detrimental to your operation. Call us, we can help you! We work all over the UK. 


Our office team are ready to help you and our field engineers are set up to get your project completed. Whether its an emergency call out or a fan swap. 


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