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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Exhaust Fan

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We supply Wood Fired Pizza Oven Exhaust Fan and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Exhaust Fan

With a wood fired pizza oven the ventilation set up is different to that of a standard appliance with a standard extraction canopy hood, duct system and fan unit. Instead of drawing ambient air from the cookline/kitchen as well as extracting cooking fumes and gas combustion fumes... there is typically a directly connected extraction flue system. This flue system must be twin wall insulated and manufactured from stainless steel. 


The correct type of wood fired pizza oven exhaust fan would usually be an Exodraft, flue boost or other similar high temperature unit. Often a smoki smoke abatement would be fitted to clean soot particles from the wood fired oven and keeping the flue maintenance down to a minimum. An exhaust fan to suit this should be checked by your smoki supplier and if they cant be of help, then contact us. 

Wood fired pizza ovens cook pizza at a very high temperature which gives them a great flavour, texture as well keeping the nutritious value of the toppings from being cooked out of the ingredients. Keeping them as fresh as possible. Depending on who you ask... Wood Fired Ovens will make a huge difference to the final product.  

Top & Front Pizza Oven Outlets 

Some ovens have a flue connection on the top centre of the pizza oven and some have them at the front which overhangs the mouth of the oven. We see both types of ovens out in the field. The oven will provide a strong draw with the oven flue at the front face. This is a traditional design. With flues in the middle of the oven the air chamber extends from the main section of the oven adjacent to the oven's mouth it then flows across to the middle top of the oven which creates an even heating of the oven itself. 


We can help you with all of your pizza oven exhaust fan issues / questions / replacements / installations. We provide an emergency call out service as well as an installation service. 

The best steps are to contact us so that we can get the relevant information from you and then make arrangements for whatever your system needs. 

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