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Long Cased Axial Fans

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We supply long cased axial fans and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


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Long Cased Axial Fans 


Long cased axial fans are a fan type that houses axial fan blades and motor within a metal casing. You can also get short cased axial fans and plate type axial fans. Long case axial fans are often higher duty than that of other types. 


Some of the most popular long cased axial fans are manufactured by Elta & Flakt Woods but all brands make a long cased axial. Often some of the original products by many brands.

Typical set up of a long cased axial fans:
- spiral ductwork from extract canopy or other type 

- sound attenuator on the inlet side of the long cased axial fan*

- sound attenuator on the outlet side of the long cased axial fan*


*A sound attenuator on the inlet side is often to lower the sound level of the fan unit when in operation for people who are working within the kitchen or other premises (depending on the axial fans application.
**A sound attenuator fitted to the outlet side of the long cased axial fan lowers the sound level on the atmosphere side which is often adjacent to neighbouring properties etc. The purpose of this sound attenuator is to satisfy local authority and lower neighbour complaints about the sound level of a long case axial fan. 

Typical issues with axial fans - long cased & short cased:
1) Fan unit not turning on. 

Please check for power issues, distribution board tripped? 

2) Is the fan speed controller working?
Please check to see if there are lights on the fan controller. If no lights it will be a fan controller issue.
3) if lights on the fan controller and no power to the fan, this may mean a fan replacement

We would check to see if you have voltage going to the fan unit. 

4) Sometimes due to poor maintenance long cased axial fans can be damaged from the cleaning process or grease build up.

If grease build up occurs this can cause the fan motor to fail because the system is not designed to be able to operate with additional weight on the fan blades. 

5) Sometimes long cased axial fans just perform less efficiently over time. 

This usually happens due to poor maintenance. 

6) Fans can actually get motor damage for being used at low speeds

Make sure that site staff dont run the fan on too low of a setting in less busy periods because the heat generated from appliances during prep / quieter periods can actually cause issues with the fan if the fan unit is being turned down. Give a safe to use level of at least 60%


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