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Exodraft Controller 

Exodraft controller for speed control function for exodraft chimney fan units. Exodraft controller range from XZENSE, EFC15, EFC16, EFC18, EFC21, EFC35, EHC20, EAHC21, EBC24, EBC22, EBC10v2. Click here to view all products available or contact us now, we are ready to help you. 

Exodraft fans can be fitted with or without an exodraft controller. Sometimes installations do not required a fan controller because the fan system is either on or off because it does not need to be turned up or increased. Sometimes a controller can be fitted if there is a bit more "play" within the system so that user adjustment of the fan speed can be provided to suit conditions on site. 


"Exodraft are a specialist fan company and their chimney fan products are suitable for use with the recommended exodraft controller"

We install, supply, repair, maintain all Exodraft fan controller products. If you need urgent assistance please call us and we will do all that we can to help you with your requirements. 


0800 644 6610 

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