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Commercial Wall Extractor Fan

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We supply commercial wall extractor fan and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


Call outs involving an engineer are charged hourly to save you money. Surveys are free.

Commercial Wall Extractor Fan 

When are commercial wall extractor fans suitable?

This type of fan unit is perfect for an extract system that has a wall mounted canopy and is in premises that allows low level extraction airflow from a commercial kitchen, W.C, industrial set up, factory, warehouse, boiler room etc. Wall extractor fans are low profile, slim line and good for maintenance access because often they're fitted low level so access and working height is from somebodies standing position. 

What sizes do commercial wall extractor fans come in? 

Commercial wall extract fans come in all standard sizes from 250mm diameter to 710mm diameter and above. The most common on a standard kitchen extract in a pub for example would be either 355mm in diameter or 400mm in diameter the reason this is so common is because extraction canopy units are often no larger than 500mm in height. This means a spigot of 355mm diameter and 400mm diameter is easily attainable in terms of connecting onto a space of 500mm with space all round for fixing to the wall + the extraction canopy hood or duct system.

Plate mounted axial fan unit by S&P (Soler & Palau) this type of fan unit can be fitted to a wall, or to a steel enclosure to house it for installation externally. A Louvre grill fitted externally to avoid anything entering the fan blade area such as leaves, other foliage, birds etc. 


This is a good example of a wall mountable extraction fan unit that is suitable for hunting on industrial applications. This unit is also by S&P and the product name is HIB-P/HIT-P. Airflow rates vary. These have a closable Louvre for wiring to a control panel if needed. 

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