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Exodraft Chimney Fan

The Exodraft chimney fan is a high quality, high temperature chimney extraction fan unit that is suitable for use fo all types of flue systems such as the following applications: coffee roaster chimney flue fans, pizza oven flue fans, boiler flue fan systems etc. We help people with all of their chimney fan solutions.  

Exodraft chimney fan units are a very specialist fan unit and with all accessories can become quite costly however there are no better options than the exodraft fan installation. We install a lot of these units and they are suitable for temperatures of up to 220 degrees C. A lot of the exodraft fans we fit are to twin wall flue systems for wood fired pizza ovens and these can be incorporated with solid fuel interlock systems to adequately interlock poisonous gas combustion fumes with the exodraft fan unit. 


"Exodraft are a specialist fan company and their chimney fan products are suitable for use with the recommended exodraft controller"

We install, supply, repair, maintain all Exodraft chimney fan units. If you need urgent assistance please call us and we will do all that we can to help you with your requirements. 


0800 644 6610 

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