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400mm Axial Fan

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We supply 400mm Axial Fan and we deliver them to your project/site.


We can help you with your installation and supply requirements. One company = seamless.


Call outs involving an engineer are charged hourly to save you money. Surveys are free.

400mm Axial Fan 

400mm diameter axial fan

40cm diameter axial fan 

16 inch diameter axial fan

Four hundred mm diameter extraction fans to suit 400mm diameter spiral ductwork or equivalent size in square/rectangular ductwork. All fan manufacturers make something in 400mm diameter size. Airflow rates depend on fan type and manufacturer but you will likely be looking at an airflow rate of a medium/light duty kitchen set up with electric appliances mostly. 

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List of 400mm axial fans
Elta SLC400 

Raptor SDA400/4-1AC

Soler & Palau TCBB/4-400H 
Soler & Palay TCBBT/4-400H 

System Air AR400 
Ventaxia Sabre 400 

Woods JM400 Aerofoil 
Maxfan 400mm + inverter 

Other 400mm fans 

Helios GBW400

Helios GBD400 

Powerbox400mm Estoc40

Here's an example of airflow rate for a 400mm diameter axial fan then from Elta's catalogue:

You can see that the SLC400/4-1AC can provide 1.176m3/s at "free air" and 0.78m3/s @ 100pascals. 

This fan would usually be suitable for a canopy size of approx 2.5m depending on what it is extraction for (fryers etc)

This fan isn't suitable for systems with large duct runs or with filtration. Because these things add pressure in the ductwork system.



Common faults, limitations and things that are good about 400mm axial fans:

- Axial fans are suitable for all types of set ups but sometimes a higher power unit will be required where filtration is being used for example, or where there have additions made to the extract duct. 

- Axial fans are good partners with sound attenuators to lower the sound level of the unit, although often they do run fairly quietly a sound attenuation addition is a perfect way to make sure the sound level is at a minimum. 

- On a light duty / medium duty kitchen a 400mm axial fan will perform well for extraction airflow and for intake airflow. 

- Axial fans are fairly good for maintenance purposes they are bolted into the ductwork using a flange system with a duct joiner / straight onto a section of straight spiral ductwork. You can unbolt them and then clean them as required. 

- Readily available off the shelf unit with a fan controller available very quickly for replacements. 

Our office team are. on standby to help you select the right unit OR to repair your existing 400mm axial fan. Whatever your requirements are our engineers are ready to help you. 

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