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Helios TSW11 Fan Speed Controller & all Helios fan controls

The helios TSW11 fan speed controller is a fan speed controller suitable for single phase fan units. The TSW fan control range can provide speed control function to Helios fan products of various types. These units are available off the shelf and are available on next day delivery or even same delivery in many instances. 

The Helios fan control range are available from 3 - 14 AMP fan units. They are in a robust housing, are cost effective, are reliable, you can control more than one fan from one unit and they have an operating ambient temperature of 40 Degrees C. Meaning in most cases this controller is suitable for any application. 


Helios are a UK & global brand operating in various industries and area across the commercial and industrial sector. View their website here

We provide install, supply and repair of  TSW fan control range. We can help you with all of your TSW fan control requirements as well as any other ventilation fan / control system need. 


0800 644 6610 

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