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Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Installation

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Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Installation

We install all types of commercial kitchen extract fan units for example: axial fans, plate fans, acoustic box fans, high temperature extract fans. These fan units are suitable for almost all commercial kitchen applications depending on exact details. Plate fans are good for extraction canopy units that are fitted to an external wall and the fan can be fitted tight to the wall. Although this may not be suitable for a system that requires commercial kitchen filtration


What type of commercial kitchen extractor fan installation do you get involved with?

No matter what commercial kitchen extractor fan installation you have requirements for, we can help you. We are familiar with all types of commercial premises and all sizes of commercial kitchen extractor fan installations. Whether the project installation needs special access equipment, if it needs to be craned onto a roof or if it is a simple wall fan replacement, we can help you. 

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Installation set ups can be so different to each other. Every job is different and the system, duct design, extraction canopy can be any size. We take into consideration the duct size, the restrictions in the duct such as 90 degree bends, any filtration etc. Then once this is analysed we can look at the relevant fan performance curves to see if the required airflow rate can be reached and matched to the resistance in Pascals (Pa) 


Commercial fan curve charts show the amount of airflow that a fan can provide at a certain resistance. This charge shows that the airflow value of 0.8m3/s can be reached at 300Pa of resistance. This resistance would be an extract fan unit with approx a 10metre fun of ductwork with several bends. 

This kind of fan curve can be provided for every single fan unit that we install. It's important to analyse as if a system is a like for like fan installation to replace an old failed unit, we like to check that the fan unit is actually suitable.

For most quotes it is possible to quote for a like for like fan installation or to provide an upgraded ventilation option where space allows or where the customer would like it as an option. We like to provide the most suitable solution for each site so please ask us if you would like an upgraded fan option as we do not wish to push upgraded options unless we believe it to be very necessary. 

Installation notes we think about on all extractor fan installations: 

- is the like for like option the best option for this site?

- does the airflow rate need to be upgraded?

- what airflow rate does this system need?

- what access does this extract fan installation need?

- are there any special access/lifting equipment needed to install this commercial extractor fan? 

- does any new electrical wiring need to be provided?

Contact us now we are ready to help you with your commercial kitchen extractor fan installation. Call us or email us. & 0800 644 6610 . 

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