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Helios Gigabox & Helios Ventilation Products

Helios fans are one of the industry leading ventilation brands and they have the famous Gigabox range GBD, GBW & T120. This unit is suitable and aimed at the commercial kitchen industry where the need for high pressure centrifugal units, high temperatures and low sound level solutions are required.

The Gigabox like other box fans can have a 90 degree inlet and outlet so it can actually save space and keep the installation efficient instead of a traditional duct run with an inline fan unit and then a separate B90 (90 degree ductwork bend). In some cases the 90 degree options are more powerful / more efficient.  

Helios also do various different styles of fans such as inline axial fans, plate fans, wall mounted style and acoustic cabinet box fans for ultra low sound level installations. 


Helios are a UK & global brand operating in various industries and area across the commercial and industrial sector. View their website here

We provide install, supply and repair of Helios fans. We can help you with the fabrication of the relevant inlet and outlet take offs to make sure your system is adequate as possible and that your installation is as seamless as possible.


0800 644 6610 

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