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Fresh Air Supply Fan

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Fresh Air Supply Fan 


Fresh air supply fans are ventilation fans that provide a supply air, air intake, fresh air supply to a premises. This is often a requirement of building regs, gas regulations or covid guidelines.

The idea to provide fresh air supply via a mechanical fan unit is to provide adequate dilution of air / air changes within a premises that has an extraction system. Depending on the requirement the system should supply 10l/s per person within a basement area. In a commercial kitchen space 85% of the extracted air should be replaced with a fresh air supply fan system. This is often but does not always incorporate a fresh air supply duct system. 

A fresh air supply fan unit can be used for the following purposes:
- fresh air replacement into a commercial kitchen with gas appliances. 

- air replacement into a commercial kitchen with electrical appliances (although this is not a regulation like it is with gas appliances, for a ventilation system to work correctly, supply air is a requirement.) 

- basement air supply as per building regulation 

- fresh air supply for an air conditioning system. Often ducted to the back of an air con system so that it does not just recirculate air within a room

- fresh air supply fan for a boiler room to provide a fresh air system to ventilate a boiler room 

- fresh air replacement for covid-19 guidelines to dilute air particles within an office or school setting

Things to think about with fresh air supply fans:
- A fresh air supply system is nearly always depositing air drawn in from  the outside. So if air temperature is 10 degrees outside this will be the approximate temperature of the air drawn into the premises

- With this in mind, you may want to consider installation of a fresh air supply fan heater battery to temper the air to raise it slightly before it is drawn into the room.

- Make sure that there is a good position for the fresh air supply fan to be installed. 

- the velocity rate is main ductwork runs should be 6-9m/s to provide the correct recommend guideline duct speed. 


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