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The Gold Seal GSV solenoid valves are widely used in gas transmission to provide isolation and emergency shut-off.

The valves can be used on various hydrocarbon gases including natural gas, methane and liquid petroleum gas.




  • 15mm (½")
  • 20mm (3/4") 
  • 25mm (1")
  • 32mm (1¼")
  • 40mm (1½")
  • 50mm (2")




The GSV solenoid valves will be normally closed and open quickly when energized. The solenoid valves feature a blue light, which is illuminated when the valve is energized.

There are G1/4 holes on both sides and at the bottom of the valve body for a bypass and gas proving equipment.


Add Compression Adaptors

Add Malleable Iron Fittings

Gas Solenoid Valve

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