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  • The Flueboost 350 Boiler model will control flue gasses up to 300c and boilers with heat outputs up to 350,000 Bth/h; 102Kw/h. Over again this varies due to size and length of flue. Based on normal secondary flue temperatures of the average gas appliance working at 75% efficiency are 180c with a C02 at 5%.


    A full manual of instructions for operation and maintenance is delivered with this unit as with all our units. Again if service and repairs are required the working parts can be removed as sub assembly, which leaves the main casing intact.


    Advantages of an Inline Fan

    • They have a longer life span as they're not open to the elements.
    • They can be located out of sight in a loft space, roof void or chimney stack.
    • They are easy p to maintain.
    • There is no need for scaffolding / cherry picker at installation or maintenance.
    • They are the ideal solution for listed buildings.


    Gas Fire Conversion

    This unit can be converted for use with gas fires by installation of a factory fitted circuit board which has no pre purge. Please contact Flueboost if this option is required.

    Flueboost 350

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