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  • The Flueboost 100 Boiler model efficiently deals with flue gases at temperatures up to 200c and boilers with a heat output up to 100,000 Btu; 30Kw/h, dependant on size and length of flue. The normal secondary flue temperatures of the average gas appliance working at 75% efficiency are 180c with a CO2 at 5%


    If service or repairs are required all the working parts can be removed as a sub assembly without disturbing the main casing A full and comprehensive instruction manual for installation and operation come with the unit.


    Advantages of an Inline Fan

    • They have a longer life span as they're not open to the elements.
    • They can be located out of sight in a loft space, roof void or chimney stack.
    • They are easy p to maintain.
    • There is no need for scaffolding / cherry picker at installation or maintenance.
    • They are the ideal solution for listed buildings.



    Case – Grade 304 stainless steel Main impeller – aluminium Cooling impeller – galvanised steel



    Flueboost 100

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