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  • EJ413456 : 450mm Maxfan Compac


    The Woods MaXfan Compac is a high pressure fan and is suitable for both Internal and external Installation, manufactured using mild steel and hot dipped galvanised finish to give high resistance to corrosion.

    Easy Installation & maintenance.


    It is designed for the commercial catering industry. To be installed as part of the ductwork from the kitchen canopy, Where a high level of filtration is required.

    Offering high performance and pressure with full inverter control.


    • High performance & pressure
    • Single motor &  impeller
    • 1Ph inverter control (Pre programmed)
    • Compact robust design
    • DW172 compliant


    The Maxfan Compac is supplied with an Inverter speed controller


    • Supplied fully assembled
    • Fully speed controllable via inverter
    • Can be used in any non-hazardous environment
    • Suitable in temperatures from ‑40°C to 80°C
    • Low to high air volumes
    • Low to high static pressures
    • Available sizes 315mm – 630mm from stock



    The inverter is a frequency converter with unsurpassed reliability, user-friendliness, condensed functionality, and extremely easy to commission. Terminal numbers are named in the same manner as in the rest of the family, making installation easy.

    It converts a single phase 200-240 VAC input into a three phase output to allow the MaXfan Compac product to use a high efficiency 3Ph, 230V motor.

    A safety isolator/switch disconnector should be installed on the mains side of the drive to ensure that the mains supply can be isolated for maintenance.

    Please see the image below, illustrating the connections on the bottom of the inverter drive.

    45 MaxFan Compac - EJ463266 - 45Jm/20/2/6/16/3Ph

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