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CO2-X Carbon Dioxide Monitor


The Merlin CO2-X can be used independently or can work in conjunction with one of our Merlin gas safety systems. In the event where the CO2 levels rose to a dangerous level the Merlin CO2-X Monitor will sound an audible alarm to alert the user of the danger, automatically drive ventilation fans reducing CO2 & temperature as well as shutting off any connected utilities such as gas solenoid valves or relays to boilers.


The Merlin CO2-X Monitor features a TFT display to show the user a clear precise reading of the CO2 level in the room and also uses a traffic light colour system to indicate whether the air quality in the room is at a safe, adequate or dangerous level.


  • The system can automatically boost the ventilation in the event of high levels of CO or CO2


CO2-X Carbon Dioxide Monitor

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