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Restaurant Extractor Fan Repair

A lot of what we do is in a restaurant environment where commercial kitchen fans are getting put to the test every single day. Heat, smoke, grease, all have an affect on a fans performance and length of life. We are used to these high paced high pressure environments and are passionate about keeping restaurants running. Restaurant fans being out of use / not working at all or adequately can have a negative impact on our the restaurant runs and also its profitability. A fan being down in a restaurant environment may mean the gas appliances being shut off automatically. Thats where we come into action. If this happens, don't hesitate, call us! 

Restaurant extract fan brands & manufacturers: 

We work with all Restaurant HVAC brands and repair/replace/maintain restaurant extractor fans of all types such as elta, maxfan compac by Flakt Woods, Gigabox, high temperature fans, estoc, motor out of air stream fans and more. We are facility with all types of  brands and how they work and what their strong points and weaknesses are. Some don't work well under high temperatures causing fan motor issues & some fans are designed to work with high temperatures. 

Whats the process to get my Restaurant Extractor Fan Repaired? 

​The best course of action for you is to contact our office team as well as emailing over the details of the fan controller & the fan unit itself if possible. Send over photographs / videos / your contact details over to etc. And our team will get to work to sort your issue. Most fan controllers are on the shelf and available very quickly so the sooner we get your information the sooner we can sort your problem.

Emergency Call Outs & Restaurant Extract Fan Repairs.

We provide a call out service specifically for restaurant extract fan breakdowns where it is critical the restaurant's ventilation system is working or risking turnover/loss of earnings. We are here to help you. We have engineers on standby to fix your issue. 



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