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Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fans 

Commercial kitchen extractor fan specialists - install, supply, repair and maintenance. 

We are a specialist commercial ventilation company and we have expertise in all areas of ventilation but specifically commercial kitchen extractor fans. Whether it's a replacement of a commercial kitchen fan, restaurant fan or school kitchen fan our engineers are on hand to help you. Ventilation systems and extract fans are an integral part of a kitchen set up. To start with where a gas interlock system is fitted it will cut the gas supply off to the commercial kitchen appliances meaning loss of earnings / being unable to feed pupils or residents. As well as the gas supply not working if the fan unit is not powerful enough it can create a potentially dangerous environment. 

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fan Brands

We work with all brands of commercial ventilation and HVAC suppliers/stockists so are able to offer services to all commercial ventilation systems. Some of the brands we work with are:

- Flakt woods ePowerbox, JM Series, Max Fan Compacs & more. 
- Helios Gigabox commercial kitchen fans 
- S&P TCBB type for commercial kitchen spaces

- System air MUB fans 

- Elta fans 

- Ziehl Abegg 

- Exodraft RSV fans

Whats the best course of action for getting my extract fan issue sorted? 
The best step is to call our office as well as emailing over your company details so that our team can react urgently to your query. If you know your fan unit needs to be replaced then you can provide us with the details of the fan that has failed as well as some photographs to see what is required. We of course offer an on site service to get your kitchen back operational / get it working at its maximum potential.

Do you think your system can be repaired rather than replaced?
If you think that the system can be repaired with the system that is on site then a call out may be the best solution for you. It means we might be able to repair the issue without having to spend money on replacing equipment where a repair is possible. Speak to your job manager about this when you contact us.

If you know that your fan is beyond economical repair you can send us a photograph of the extract fan data sheet as well as a photograph of your controller. Photographs can really tell us a lot so it is always worth sending over as many as you can - of the kitchen space, the canopy, your ductwork system, your fan and gas interlock controls. Email them over / speak to our office team and whatsapp photographs of your extraction fan installation. We are ready to help you! 

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