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Commercial Fan Controllers. Replacement/Repair/Maintenance 

Fan controllers can fail due to age, bad maintenance, electrical issues, condition etc. In some cases whilst your fan is not working because the fan controller is failed/failing you could potentially set the fan to work on full speed bypassing the speed control function so that it runs on full speed. This means an operational kitchen but may not be a very good long term solution. 

Commercial Fan Speed Controller Brands & Manufacturers: 

We repair/replace/maintain/install commercial fan controllers from all HVAC manufacturers. We install standard variable speed controllers and inverter controllers with a single to three phase inverter function. For example Elta fan speed controllers, Maxfan compac by Flakt Woods, Helios gigabox fan controllers, S&P TCBB fan speed controllers 

How can I get my fan controller installed/replaced/serviced?

​The best course of action for you is to contact our office team as well as emailing over the details of the fan controller & the fan unit itself if possible. Send over photographs / videos / your contact details over to etc. And our team will get to work to sort your issue. Most fan controllers are on the shelf and available very quickly so the sooner we get your information the sooner we can sort your problem.

Do you think your system can be repaired rather than replaced? 
Maybe the issue has arisen due to a 
disconnection/re-wire/replacement and another contractor not being able to wire up the system. Contact us and we can provide a call out service to hopefully help you save money & time.

Again in this case, photographs are an excellent way to start the process off. 


Contact us now we are ready to get your issue sorted. 


0800 433 2822

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